About Us

As a company founded in pride for their Middle Eastern roots, we love to express our patriotism, through our expressive and unique sense of style. 
All too often it can be incredibly difficult, to find businesses within Australia, that offer products to which foster and serve such a purpose. Together with this passion for our heritage, Baladna was born. With a heavy focus on creativity and quality, our core focus is to build a brand that represents the diverse nature of the Middle East, in an innovative way. 
The best part is, with every purchase, 30%-80% of the proceeds will go towards a charity supporting those in need, in the Middle East. At Balanda, our promise to you as a consumer, is to not only produce unique and quality products but also to use our profits to help make a difference.
When using Baladna Apparel as a means of expression, we hope you can take pride in making such a statement, in your day to day lives.
Let’s come together, to support our mission in uniting our people, in their pride as a community. In the words of Khalil Gibran, “the universe is my country and the human family is my tribe”.