The History of Our Flags

  • The history of our flags - Palestine

    The first use of an early Palestinian flag was by the Arab Higher Committee during the Great Palestinian Revolt from 1936-1939. This committee was made up of multiple local Arab Palestinian leaders with the goal of ending British control over Palestine who were enabling the creation of a Jewish state for the Zionist movement and thus allowing for Palestinians to seek independence and self-control. This was during a period known as the British Mandate of Palestine.

  • The history of our flags - Syria

    Syria is another nation that was created in the aftermath of the Great Arab Revolt (1916-1918). In 1920, the Arab Kingdom of Syria was declared under the Hashemite rule of King Faisal I, son of Sharif of Mecca Hussein Bin Ali. Syria at the time was believed to be the borders of “Greater Syria” which included modern day Lebanon and Palestine.

  • The history of our flags - Iraq


    The creation of modern-day Iraq also has roots following the Great Arab Revolt(1916-1918) with Britain proposing the British Mandate of Mesopotamia in 1920. The Kingdom of Iraq (under British Administration) was born in 1921 with Faisal I, son of Sharif of Mecca, Hussein bin Ali being proclaimed king. 

  • The history of our flags - Jordan


    The creation of modern-day Jordan has roots in the Arab Revolt(1916-1918) during World War I in which the Arab armies with the help of Great Britain fought against the Ottoman Empire who ruled a majority of the Middle East at the time. 

  • The history of our flags - Lebanon


    The story of modern-day Lebanon begins in 1920 when France divided Syria into 5 states under the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon. One of which was known as the State of Greater Lebanon which existed from 1920-1926 before becoming the Lebanese Republic from 1926-1946.