The history of our flags - Jordan


The creation of modern-day Jordan has roots in the Arab Revolt(1916-1918) during World War I in which the Arab armies with the help of Great Britain fought against the Ottoman Empire who ruled a majority of the Middle East at the time. 

The flag below was designed to represent the Arab people and the feeling of Pan-Arabism in the region:

The colours black, green, white, and red would then become known as Pan-Arab colours which can be seen on the flags of many modern-day Arabic speaking nations and people. 

Following the defeat of the Ottomans, the British created the British Mandate for Palestine intended to create and administer 2 states known as Palestine and the Emirate of Transjordan; the mandate became effective in 1923. 
In 1921, Abdullah I, son of the Sharif of Mecca Hussein Bin Ali of the Hashemite family became the Emir of Transjordan. The flag below was used from 1921-1928 as a variation of the Arab Revolt flag by switching the green and white lines:

This flag is the same as the flag or the “Sharifian Flag” of the Kingdom of Hejaz (in modern-day Saudi Arabia) in which Abdullah’s father, the Sharif of Mecca ruled.

A 7-pointed star was later added to the flag and was used from 1928-1939 as seen below:

In 1939 the length of the triangle was then changed to take up half of the flag rather than a third. And in 1946 the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan officially declared independence and the name was shortened to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1949, with Abdullah I being named King. 

 The meaning of the colours and design are as follows:
-Red: the Hashemite Dynasty(the ruling family of Jordan)
-White: The Umayyad Dynasty
-Green: The Fatimid Dynasty
-Black: The Abbasid Dynasty
-7 pointed star: the first 7 verses of the Holy Quran

Interesting Side Note: 

In 1958, Iraq and Jordan formed the Arab Federation under the rule of King Faisal II of Iraq and his cousin, King Hussein of Jordan.
Their goal was to unite their two Hashemite kingdoms in response to the formation of the United Arab Republic between Egypt and Syria. The flag below was used for this confederation:

The union only lasted 6 months after Faisal II was overthrown by a military coup, thus leaving Jordan as the only remaining Hashemite Kingdom.