The history of our flags - Lebanon


The story of modern-day Lebanon begins in 1920 when France divided Syria into 5 states under the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon. One of which was known as the State of Greater Lebanon which existed from 1920-1926 before becoming the Lebanese Republic from 1926-1946.
Both the State of Greater Lebanon and the Lebanese Republic used the flag below:

Its design was the French flag with the Lebanon Cedar tree in the center of the white stripe and was used between 1926-1943. 
The current Lebanese flag was adopted prior to declaring independence from France in 1943. It was first drawn by Lebanese parliament member Henri Pharaoun as shown below:

In December of 1943, the Lebanese constitution was changed to account for the new flag design and move away from the previous French design, thus adopting the current flag of Lebanon. 

The meanings of the colours are as follows:

-Red: blood shed for liberation
-White: peace, the snow of the mountains, and purity
-The green cedar tree: the symbol of Lebanon which is mentioned in the Bible 72 times represents eternity, steadiness, happiness, and prosperity